Grade leveled material 
District Vocabulary Lists:  Visual Thesaurus Spelling bees created using the National Vocabulary Lists.  Word is read aloud. 
Interactive Spelling Bee:  Paragraph read aloud, student spells the missing word.  Hint can be provided.
PreSchool through 3rd - http://www.abcya.com/dolch_sight_word_spelling.htm 
Select the 'cloud', press 'go'
Open Ended Material - Spelling Fun and Activities:  
ABCYA.com - Free dolch lists, grades K-3
Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee - National spelling bee, for children who enjoy competitive play.  Pre-created, and personalized spelling bees can be created.  District is in the process of developing National Reading Vocabulary lists as spelling bees.  These are posted through the organization chart above.  Teachers, you can create your own spelling bee~!
Big Bot - Feed the BIGbots! These word-automated machines have quite an appetite, so come prepared with a voracious vocabulary! Good hand and eye coordination is a definite plus!  (Synonyms, antonyms)
Robo Bee - Match words to sentences following the bee who leads the way.   See the flowers grow when you lead the way.
Jumble Kids - Unscramble a list of words, then use the circled letters to unscramble the bonus solution
Interactives Spelling Bee - Multiple grades.  Interactive.  Passage format, in which passage is read aloud to the student, who then spells the missing words.  Hints are available.
Word Central - Interactive vocabulary activies, provided through Merriam-Webster.     
Words To Know - From Merriam-Webster.  Lists of frequently misspelling, commonly confused, and homonyms frequently missued. 
Vocabulary Quiz - Interactive quiz through Merriam-Webster.  Words increase in difficulty. 
Visual Vocabulary Quiz - Images are provided, then you match the image to the correct word.
Spelling Bot - Beat the robot when you spell!  Three different levels - easy, medium, difficult.
KidsSpell - All grades  
http://www.kidsspell.com/free, includes lists and option to create your own spelling lists
Spelling City - Elementary  free
National Spelling Vocabulary - Includes lists from 1st through 5th grade which are included as interactives on the grade level pages. 
About Spelling -
Background information on Interactives Spelling Bee
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