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Listed below are general resources which support Regents preparation.  Subpages are available for targeted support as follows:
Thank you to YOA teachers Ms. Harper and Ms. Cherian of Lincoln, Ms. Romero of Palisade Prep, and our team of virtual explorers 
  • Regents Living Environment
  • Regents Chemistry
  • Regents Earth Science 
     Infused Learning http://infusedlearning.com/
     Student online response system that accessible online, add in questions and have them translated, read aloud; students take the assessments online, teacher receives the results. 
      Problem attic   http://www.problem-attic.com/
     Free sign up; teachers can get regents questions as recently as 2012; supports all content areas. 
     Thank you Mr. Raftery and Ms. LoGiudice, ECHS, who contributed this great link
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    Activity Based Supports:
    What about ... Voicethread for discussions on critical lens, or historical context ... Many virtual resources provide support for activities which develop student skill.  Have you thought about these:   
      SAS, see Writing Reviser for example:  http://yps.yonkerspublicschools.net/reference/sas
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    General Resource Supports: 
    Regents Review 2.0 programs through NYS Public Television stations - www.regentsreviewlive.net
    Includes podcasts and videos, 1-hour sessions
    Exam dates, tips, and more
    Exams supported:  English, Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, Global History & Geography, and US History & Govt, ACT/SAT
    Regents Test Prep Resources from Oswego - http://regentsprep.org/
    Regents Interactive Quizzes