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Smart Correlated Lessons - Select NY, search by core or State standard; search by grade and content - 
Searchable Files - Select content and grade -
Response Sets - Pre-Made Quiz/Test Materials -
Searchable Links from Teq
Downloadable files from Teq

Interactives from Scholastic
Educator Exhanges - Login for additional access to materials
  Smart Tech Exchange -
 Teq Educator Resource Exchange - 
Bob's  Place of Educational Links
Teachers Love Smartboards
Free Tools for Education
Box of Tricks - Technology & Education Free Resources

Getting Smarter with Smartboards
Resources & Training -
Smart Notebook Express - Lite version of Notebook
  Excellent for student home use 
Smartboard training and tips, YOA - 
Smarttable training and tips, YOA - 
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