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Explore the power of iPads in the classroom and at home to engage, instruct, and support active learning.  
New!  Apps Gone Free shared during recent workshops and thank you to everyone for sharing :-)
How To's/Testimonials: 
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So what can they do?

      • Run Apps - Specialized 'programs' which run on the iPad performing certain functions
      • Record video - have student buddies record each other to document reading efforts
      • Capture pictures - for class projects and so students can see themselves actively working 
      • Record audio - use to document fluency, support students hearing themselves read, use for interviews
  • Load apps on specific iPads to create stations rather then loading all iPads.  This will extend your funding.
  • Select the best apps for the learning activity you are designing, learning needs you are supporting
  • Use as an individual support device, with paired students, and teams of students
  • Use for apps, websites, and digital text.   
      • iBooks - Free app included
      • Free books - 23,469 free books in multiple languages
      • See also Digital Text resource page
  • Enlist students in the learning process with a 'tech team' to help with logistics, feedback, peer support and creative uses of resources
  • Check websites prior to use in class to make sure they function properly, as sites with flash may not work as you hope
Why an iPad for college - 
Links below to resource areas and recommended apps