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Book Builder

Description:  Free online tool enables educators to develop their own digital books to support reading instruction for children aged 3 and up. Teachers create, edit, and save resource-rich texts. Terry, an animated character, guides educators as they write text, choose images, and develop scripts for the prompts, hints, and models that will help build young readers' skills.
How To Create a Book 
Create your account
Free login and password through CAST Web site
To view samples - Click on words "Model Books" -
a sense of the variety of techniques that are available which support Universal Design for Learning concepts
To see options - Click on Words "Tips and Resources"  -
View items related to subject, genre, audience, etc.  Identify which concepts/techniques you would like to utilize. 
To create a book - Go to http://bookbuilder.cast.orgClick
Click on words "Create and Edit My Books" then click on "Start a New Book". 
Follow the prompts.  create a sample book which is three pages or more. 

Work and Six Simple Machines -
Five Steps to Writing a Historical Essay -
For information on Universal Design for Learning see UDL