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Safari Montage

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What is Safari Montage? 
  • Media delivery and resource system with is device agnostic (it will run on any number of devices) and designed for multiple device delivery (the system will automatically calculate the best delivery mode, and speed, for whatever device you are using). 
  • Our current configuration includes Creation station which will enable you to create, share, and edit materials from school and home
  • We are presently piloting media and video materials through 6/14 which offer a range of resources in English, and Spanish -   
  • Safari Montage is the name of a larger system which includes a range of options, including: 
    • Creation Station
    • Media Packages (in pilot)
    • Videoconferencing
  • Schools and Homes of Students from Schools with 3D Science:
    • Download and install > Cyber Science 3D Player on bottom right hand side of this page:
    • Watch the tutorial which will teach you how to manipulate objects in Cyber Science

Cyber Science -  Schools are currently piloting Cyber Science - Enrico Fermi, School 23, MLK, Scholastic, and Yonkers Middle High School
Login codes work from school and home
Cyber Science requires installation of the 3D player found on the support page found on right side of the page 
Cut sheet of information on this resource

Creation Station