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Our Experts


Today - Our Science Panel, and Peer to Peer share

Tomorrow - You are our Experts, sharing with visitors

Michelle Hersh, Biology Faculty
Colin Abernathy, Chemistry Faculty
Drew Cressman, Biology Faculty
Victoria Garufi, Oceanographer
Linwood Lewis, Psychology Faculty

Our students share:

The Hudson River was vital to the development of the City of Yonkers.  It is important to know that the Hudson is equally important to our City today,  While there are some false assumptions about the health of the river, it is not as dirty or polluted as the some may believe.  In fact the Hudson is a diverse ecosystem of varied species that live in the river.  Our studies included research on various Hudson River creatures including the Bald Eagle, Snapping Turtle, White Catfish, Mummichog, Zebra Mussels and much much more.  Students chose these creatures because they had no knowledge of these animals before Summer STEM.  Many were interested in a study on invasive species.  Many students expressed interest in particular creatures, new to them but which they found 'cool'.  Turtles, for example, being a creatures some students love.  We discovered that invasive predators can alter the biodiversity of the river and that human interaction can both positively and negatively impact the habitat of the Hudson.      

We have learned so much through our work at the river and the research we performed throughout the Summer STEM program. Our work reflects a passion about the Hudson River and our community.   Our work has been fun but important as well.  

We should not ignore the effects of human influence and creature impact.

It is our job to educate everyone about the importance of preserving the river and caring for our community.  The survival of the Hudson River is directly connected to our survival and our understanding of the health of our community as well.