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STEM 2015

Our River Researchers Found:  

7/10/15 - Summer Storm 

7/13/15 - The Warriors 

7/14/15 - The Good Hood 

7/15/15 - The Hudson Eagles 

7/16/15 - Group B

7/17/15 - Group C

7/20/15 - STEM M&M's

7/21/15 - Little Einstein 


Summer STEM Collaborative

Students from Summer STEM 2015 contributed terms related to Habits of Mind and STEM.  These were combined into Wordles which we are happy to share.  Enjoy our collaborative projects

Habits of Mind - Summer 2015


Yonkers ~ 
On the banks of the beautiful, and historic, Hudson River  
Hudson River

        New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Virtual Hudson River Tour

Fresh Water Gallery
   Thank you Sarah!

Hudson River Lesson Plans 
   Thank you Gina!

   Thank you Heather and team!

Factors affecting oxygen in the Hudson River 

Hudson River Bethnic Data

Hudson River Studies - Watershed Alliance

Base Map

Freshwater Fish Gallery

CURB - Center for the Urban River at Bezack

A day in the life of the Hudson River 


STEM Terms - Summer 2015


 Study Island Portal: Study Island


Acids & Bases 
States of Matter / Basics
Balloons & Buoyancy

States of Matter 

Salts / Solubility 

Lesson Ideas 
    Thank you Beth!  


Digital Resources:  
Study Island