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Scale Up!

Scale Up!, an EETT ARRA grant project, supports development of student centered active learning environments.  Through this one year grant, teachers developed materials, strategies, and practices supportive of ongoing student engagement and active learning using technology infused practice.
To see examples of some of the wonderful work created and best practices shared ~
Dodson's Amazing Race - An annual event, re-invisioned through the extended lens of technology.  Responders collected data in an ongoing fashion, and technology was used to extend and enhance the learning experience. 
Description ~ Over 175 students representing both 6th and 7th grades explored content focused locations to explore and engage in student centered active engagement opportunities.  All clues were available in both English and Spanish.  Students were heterogeneously paired.  Whether sports activities, or math activities such as measurement using Notebook software, or collection of data through Smart Responders, students were highly engaged and loved their activities.   
District Newsletter - Tech Talk, end of year edition.  Page 3 includes an article provided by Early College High School on Learning Labs.  
Digital Portfolio Projects
Voicethread - Through multimedia projects curricular efforts were extended and developed. 
                           ~ L. Altinay and class, Gorton High School
Roman Gods ~ Grade 9th Social Studies
Roberta Berman, Early College High School
Learning Lab Experiences - A key element in Scale Up! was participating in learning labs.  During learning labs, students became the teachers while teachers became learning facilitators.  Students enjoyed this experience, as it provided them an opportunity to explore their leadership potential. 
Student comments ~
Our favorite resources for:
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