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Yonkers Public Schools - A district of Next Generation Teaching and Learning
New York State Regents Reform Agenda supports College and Career Readiness, including the transparent integration of technological skills for today and tomorrow by students and teachers.  Please 'visit' our schools through the media below to see just some of the wonderful work underway. 
PDFs are below of handouts designed to assist your efforts:
  1. Wired to Learn - A general overview of how to use the virtual resource areas of the district designed by staff and students.   Also posted here>

  2. Virtual Learning College Fair for High Schoolers - Designed to assist High School students in use of resources which support College and Career Readiness.    Also posted here>

  3. Virtual Resources for English language learners - Designed to help promote fluency and exposure with English

  4. Free Resources for New York State - Free virtual resources are available for all New York State students.  This list was shared with the Staff Curriculum Development Network, a professional statewide learning community.    Web posted here
Yonkers - An Exemplar in Next Generation Teaching and Learning
        Next Generation Learning - District Wide - 
Blended Learning* - Palisade Prep -  -
Integration of Common Core* - Robert Dodson School
Project Based Learning* - Casimir Pulaski School - 
Videoconferencing - Edutopia
*Recognized in the 2013 National Digital Learning Day competition
Students As Leaders
Sampling of student work  
  Flash Banner Project - 2009 - Celebrations of the Hudson River
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Portrait of students who are ready for college and careers: 
  • They demonstrate independence
  • They build strong content knowledge
  • They respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline
  • They comprehend as well as critique
  • They value evidence
  • They use technology and digital media strategically and capably
  • They come to understand other perspectives and cultures
Goals of the New York State Technology Plan:
  • Access for all students to learning materials in electronic form, including video, text, and other digital content related to the school curriculum
  • Students will access learning resources anywhere, anytime through the use of technology
  • Standards-based, accessible digital content supports all curricula for learners
  • Learners, teachers, and administrators are proficient in the use of technology for learning
  • New York's technology infrastructure supports learning and teaching in all environments
New York State Education Department
National Technology Plan - 2010
USNY Statewide Learning Technology Plan - 2010
New York State Education Department Race To The Top
Executive Summary - Regents Reform Agenda / Race To The Top

United States Department of Education Final Report on Distance Learning
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