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So what is Moodle?    Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to support online learning.  While there are many different platforms, Moodle is a perfect match for our district as a) it is effective, b) it is efficient, c) it is very cost effective, and d) many colleges use it.

Yonkers Online:
District Moodle 

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 Atomic Learning 
 Atomic Learning
Contributing to discussion forums - 
How to send messages in Moodle - 

Basic Navigation -
BlackRiver Technical College -

Frequently asked questions -

If you have specific questions, reach out to your classmates and your teacher 

Other Useful Videos  

To see more about Moodle visit -

Fast Facts for Students and Parents:  
Moodle is used by over 440 colleges and universities across the United States.  
A few of the colleges and Universities in New York State Using Moodle: 

For more on the New York State Education Department Blended Learning Initiative -

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