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Free eBooks and Audio Books
Project Gutenberg - Thousands of free books from Jane Austin to Mark Twain, including many in varied languages
Open University on iTunesU - Lectures, courses, and a wide range of materials from noted University and educational organizations
Online Books - From UPenn, thousands of free online books
Google Books - 20 Free eBooks and millions of free domain books available in easy to search format.  For all eReaders, including Nooks, Kindles, iPhones, iPads. - Thousands of public domain books suitable for download to Nooks, Kindle, iPads, and other devices. High quality typesetting for multiple formats and languages (EPUB, PDF, Kindle).  Includes an area which supports creating eBooks
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Childrens Literature Authors & Illustrators on the web
LibriVox - Free public domain books read by volunteers

International Childrens Library - ICDL A library for the Worlds Children
Westchester Library System - Use a library card to access a huge range of digital media including books, music, interviews ... through
Digital Connections
For-A-Fee eBooks - See Also Our Literacy Page which includes subscription service eBooks such as:
BookFlix - With in school and home access codes, children can watch, listen, and read non-fiction and matched fictional text, with many wonderful authentic materials.  Codes are distributed through your school for home use. 
TrueFlix - The 3rd through 5th version of BookFlix, TrueFlix focused on research skills with matched text.  Codes for home use available.   
Discovery Education - Range of eBooks available
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