Digital Resources for Skills Assessment - How do you know what you know?  A drivers test is a common way to assess is someone knows how to drive.  Other resources can help us determine what we know, or may need to learn, to help us succeed.  Some common tools include ...   

  • DRA
  • Running Records
  • Initial assessments, such as an initial quiz
  • Project Based Learning Opportunities 

  • Digital assessments are great because they are fast, and sometimes fun.  Educational games are a way to engage in the challenge of learning, often providing opportunities for ongoing feedback to you can see what you know, don't know, and what to learn to move along.  Many of the resources available through Quick Links and Yonkers Online provide ongoing assessment support.  
    Examples of digital assessment tools include ...    

    A sample of resources which provide feedback to students and teachers ...   
    • Journeys - K- 6   District wide, logins provided.   
    • Envisions   District wide, logins provided.   
    • Student Response Systems (SRS)    District wide, Set up required.  
    • Web Survey Tools such as Google Forms    District wide.  Set up required. 
    • Study Island    Available in 10 pilot schools.  Participating schools have school-wide access.    
    • Read Naturally    Available in 31 schools.  Participating schools have school-wide access. 
    • Reading Records - Through SAS Curriculum Pathways    Freeware, Set up required. 
    • Reading Companion - Through IBM    Freeware, Set up required.

    A sample of resources which provide feedback primarily for teachers ...   
    • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) District wide logins provided.  This is used on a school wide basis.  

    Education Corner
    So what are ... 
    Formative assessments, benchmark assessments, and summative assessments ???       

    Formative Assessment – Ongoing and immediate feedback.  Often done daily.  
    ... "Right now, here, what do you know? Have I gotten this thought across? If not, what do I need to work on ... "   
    Examples:   Exit tickets,  Thumbs up/down;    Ask 3 before me;   Projects.  Student self-evaluation/reflection on their own work;  Student Responders; Web surveys; Web Response; ... 

    Benchmark Assessment – Over time, periodic feedback.  This may be done over a week or a month.  It is often done at the end of a time period, or range of work (i.e., end of unit or marking period test).   ... "We've been studying this for a while ... do I get it?  If not, what do I need to study?"   
    Examples:   MAP;  Study Island;   End of unit tests;    Projects;    Student self-evaluation/reflection on their own work;      

    Summative Asessment – Over a longer period of time, such as over a year.
      ... "We've been working on this topic, as it's really important.  Now, I get to show off all I know!  Wow, it's been a great year!! ...  :^)"  
    State and Local Assessment;  Regents;  A.P. Exams;  Projects - include Multimedia, Art, Programming/Coding; Reports; Student self-evaluation/reflection on their own work.